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Data Entry Outsourcing

We are a international (Headquarter in USA) Data outsourcing company specializing in Data Entry for eCommerce, Medical, Home Health Care, Banks, Real Estate & more. To see the samples of our data entry work please visit our Client Portfolio section.

Services that we provide

  • Data Entry and Capture
  • Document Scanning
  • Pricing for online stores
  • ebay, amazon, magento, 3D Cart, Monster cart & more
  • OCR (Optical Character Recognition)
  • Image Indexing
  • Database List Design and Maintenance
  • Rebate Fulfillment
  • Custom Data Processing and Printing
  • Experienced Project Management
  • Quality Assurance and Status
  • Professional Staff Oversight and Management
  • Project Preparation and Sample Testing
  • Experienced and Confidential Personnel
  • Quality Batch Control and Customized Reporting
  • Shipping and Handling
  • Document Storage and Destruction

We Guarantee :
  • Savings of more then 50%
  • 99% Plus Accuracy
  • Money back guarantee if not satisfied
  • confidentiality about your company & Data
  • Fast Turnaround

UnityWebGroup founded in 2006, have made its name in E-commerce industry, Many of the top E-commerce companies are sending their data entry work to UnityWebGroup offshore & Usa offices. Data entry outsourcing , isn’t just filling in forms, the work includes taking care of most of the operations. UnityWebGroup, has distinguished itself by providing more than just data entry to it’s customers.

Fast and Accurate

Data is quickly keyed and confirmed by senior managment, making data capture results 99.9% accurate, guaranteed. You may Eliminate hiring and training seasonal or temporary workers.

Catalog Conversion

As for a retail business, the most important thing is to display product rightly, so it carries when you become e-tailer. The offline data has to be made into displayable cataloges and Brand landing pages.
This is the most important aspect of any online store, the data it has online. Quality of the data also matters, you can’t just try to do it through optical recognition, as the technology has issues reading from the dampened catalogs, faxes containing skus where s seems like a 5, this becomes very complex for reading Manufacturing code.
We handle data for various industries, from appliances to jewelry stores.

  • Building the Store catalogs, in digital format
  • From printed paper to digital web catalogs
  • Correcting, converting, updating existing catalogs
  • Customized interfaces and software Catalog Entry
  • Yahoo Stores Catalog entry

Online data Entry

Most of our clients are well established E-Commerce companies, with physical showrooms, and they want to reach out to people across the whole country. They have tremendous amount of data coming in from manufacturers, the stories about the manufacturer, how it developed, how it established to information about the products they produce as well.
So all the data that is in the form of handwritten notes, documents, information of spreadsheet, needs to be put online through the backend of website for it to go live on the front end of the web stores.
Our data entry teams, understand the value of correct information for our clients, any wrong bit of information, be it a wrong feature, or specification value, can end up in an angry customer touting its horn on the web. There are lobbyists out there, which often companies when they go online, fail to recognize the Tremendous Importance and value in correct data represented on the web.
Our teams just don’t enter data Mindlessly, they are aware of and been trained to habitually dig deep, to find out correct information for seemingly similar models, they are tested by quality assurance all the time to be sensitive to and intuitively pick errors in data, before it goes online.
Usual work goes like,
Entering details (like product title, brand story, short description, long description, attributes, etc.)  from searching it from Google or manufacturer website digital catalogs or print material into your database system.
Key data entry benefits are,

  • Rapid and correct Conversion of data for in-Time use.
  • Time Saving, as management focuses only on Main issues
  • Creation of proprietary databases, filled with accurate information
  • Usable data shared with applications that can talk
  • Excellent management of information for in-house flow

Data Mining

The data in need is already present, mostly it requires someone to back engineer, and extract the pieces of information which are needed from the horrendous amount of data that already exists. The data is present on the web, in different databases, or it could be available offline.
Once the parameters for relevance are defined, our team can scurry through the data and find patterns, and the gist of what concerns you out of millions and millions of bits of data.
Competitiveness is on the rise, giving more value to analytically looking at the data for raw importance pieces of information to be bundled into more meaningful relationships, for more robust business plans.
It is no wonder that now data mining is termed, “Knowledge Process Outsourcing.”

Rebates & Order Forms

A rebate comes in many forms, it’s a form of promotion, which is offered by manufacturer to reduce prices, and sell items in packages. We process Rebate forms, and put these Sales promos on selected item’s product pages only. It’s a continuous process, new sales promotions are offered, and old ones are updated. These up to date rebates give a certified merchant an edge over the non-serious sellers online.
Rebates need to be taken offline once the expiration date has been reached as well. This process cannot be automated, and does require the human monitoring, as hundreds of rebates and promos are launched with various tweaks, and the more accurately these rebates are entered the more sales go up.